Black Hallows Townsfolk

Created by Jon Stynes & The Z1 Design Team

Black Hallows Townsfolk, a range of 28mm or 32mm high quality pewter miniatures for RPG, War Games and Collectors

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The first Black Hallows building
over 2 years ago – Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 01:25:09 AM

This is the first of many buildings we have planned for the world of Black Hallows, The Boars Head Tavern. Size is approx, 8" x 8" x 10" with three floors, all with detailed playable interiors. This, along with one other building will be released in the Townsfolk II campaign.

Looking ahead to Black Hallows Townsfolk II
over 2 years ago – Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 12:11:05 AM

Here are a couple more characters we have planned for the next Townsfolk installment.

Kindra, local cleric is a beauty and no doubt about it. Diplomatic and scrupulous in her work, she exhibits a straightforward honesty that is respected by the Townsfolk.

One of the optional Hero characters for Black Hallows Townsfolk II.

 Gazamunder & his his faithful ratter Plookes (Rat catcher & Hound)- "Gazamunder lets his hair grow long so he can comb it over his balding head. His grey eyes are narrowly set in his long pinched face. Acid tongued and downright rude but generous with rat furs if such will bring him greater gains in the future... 

We will have another production update for the current Townsfolk early next week.

Jon & the Z1 Team.

Black Hallows Townsfolk II
over 2 years ago – Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 01:41:41 AM

Here's an early render for one of the models we have lined up for Townsfolk II.

We'll show you more very soon. 

Ancient Dice of Kaldor is now live.
over 2 years ago – Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 01:24:45 AM

Kickstarter link - 

This update is for all you dice lovers!
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 01:04:01 AM

 As you know, we've been really busy with manufacture of the Black Hallows Townsfolk and we are well on schedule, but in the background, Mike has been working on a fantastic range of metal dice. It has taken over six months to develop and perfect the manufacturing process. The manufacture is set to run between the current Townsfolk and the second installment of Townsfolk. (so we keep our metal casting guys busy!). It is due to go live on Kickstarter in the next day or two, we'll keep you posted as soon as we have set a date and time, as we have special offers for early backers.